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Terms & Conditions

Installation Process

  • A new “drop wire” will be installed to your home/business–this wire may need to be buried in which case Slic will cut a small groove through your property, place a direct-buried cable in the groove, and cover it up. o New equipment needs to be mounted on the outside of your building including a “gray box” that is roughly 10” wide, 13” tall and will stick out 4” from your building. In commercial installations, this equipment is mounted inside.


  • A battery back-up (UPS) will be supplied which needs to be mounted inside your building and requires 110 Volt electricity (a standard electrical outlet) o Holes will need to be drilled into your building to allow for fiber-optic cable attachment, equipment mounting, and wiring for services.


Phone Service


  • You keep your existing phone number and directory listing.


  • You will not use the phone services to do anything illegal.


  • You will not use the phone service for anything that generates an enormous amount of long distance usage such as an auto-dialer or conduct business as a call center. Internet Service o You will not use the Internet for anything illegal.


  • You will not use Slic’s email services to SPAM people or send out bulk-emails.


  • You will not rebroadcast or resell Slic’s Internet service without explicit written permission.


  • You are responsible for all activity associated with your connection – including that of people that maybe “borrowing” your WiFi connection. We suggest you secure your WiFi with a password.




  • Billing occurs as close to the first of the month as possible.


  • Services are billed in advance with any usage-base services charged in arrears.


  • There is a 1.5% interest charged on late payments. o Your first bill will be larger than normal as it will be a pro-rated partial month for when your service was activated and then a full month in advance. It will also include any one-time “optional” equipment fees such as the purchase of a wireless router.




  • Customers maybe be subject to a multi-year contract specified in their Service Agreement


  • The contract begins on the date your service is activated (“Activation Date”).


  • You can cancel a contract with no further obligation within the first 10 days of service via a written notice.

    • NOTE: Will be charged pro-rated fees for the actual days service was active.


  • Cancellation of a contract after the first 10 days will be subject to early termination fees.


Terminating/Cancel Services


  • Your services may be terminated/suspended for non-payment. (There will be a $25 reconnection fee to have your services turned-back on.)


  • Your services can be terminated at any time if you do anything illegal – you will still be responsible for any termination fees.


  • If you want to cancel your service for your convenience–you will:

    • Return any inside equipment that belongs to Slic.

    • Not interfere with the retrieval of any outside fiber equipment.

    • Pay the lesser value of your average monthly bill multiplied times the number of remaining months in the contract or $500.


Complete Terms & Conditions


  • In the event of any conflict between the terms listed above and the STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE, the STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE shall prevail.

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